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How to succeed in your job search

Keep your resume short and succinct

You need to format your resume to be read quickly and in small bites. NOW days resume is scanned for just six to 10 seconds.

Create a portfolio of job

A job search portfolio is gives potential employers details of who you are — your education, talents, attitudes, accomplishments, activities, experience, skills and abilities. You can use the portfolio in job interviews to showcase a point, to illustrate the depth of your skills and experience, career, or to get job vacancies.

Consider hiring a coach to perfect your video interview skills

A video interview uses online video technology to allow job seekers and hiring professionals to connect earlier in the hiring process and help you to looking for a job

Dive deep into LinkedIn.

Having a sharp LinkedIn profile may be even more important than having a great resume.It help you to find out employment opportunities

Twitter and other forms of social media to attract the attention of employers who are hiring.

Social media allows you to get creative with your job ads to catch candidates' attention. Post your job ads to the most popular social networks to attract potential candidates

to find jobs for freshers

Limit the amount of time you spend on job boards.

job boards are one of the less effective ways to get hired ,job recruitment and job vacancies in bangalore for freshers. The Career experts said it’s generally only worth applying for a position through a job board if your resume matches 80 to 85 percent of what an employer asks for in a posting..

To find out the current openings in Bangalore check

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