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Soft Skills Training For Employees And Job Seekers

Recent surveys of employers show that the greatest lack among the new job seekers to the workforce is not in their technical but rather their interpersonal abilities and personal qualities called "soft skills”. For example, while communicating well with customers is a soft skill. Other than technical skill, soft skills are needed to succeed in nearly all sectors.

Most common soft skills employers are looking for;

  1. Leadership

  2. Communication

  3. Positive attitude

  4. Problem-solving method

  5. Time management skill

  6. Self-confidence

Adaptability is also an important attribute of soft skill. These skills help the employers to handle the situation easily and able to work in various workstations. This skill requires for an employee to maintain professional and handle the frustrating situation also. An employee with a high level of emotional intelligence is having good communication and interpersonal skill and those people know how to set the goal, how to take leadership etc.

How to improve soft skill

1. Communication :

Interpersonal skill is the backbone of all soft skill. Some way to improve communication is to make proper eye contact, be aware of your body language, enhance your public speaking skill, etc.

2. Teamwork :

Team works show how well are you working with others. Strong teamwork is always given a better result. Some ways to improve teamwork are equal importance to everyone, split the work equally, and keep an open mind.

3. Learn to listen :

Public speaking is a very important soft skill. Always listen to what others are speaking. Invest time in each interaction.

4. Multitasking :

Multitasking is an effective way to improve your soft skill. The best way to improve multitasking is practicing yourself how to do all the work effectively.

In today's competitive world, to get ahead of your peers, it is important not only to do the work in an ethical manner but to showcase/present it in the right way. Experts says "Though subject matter expertise will almost always get you to the door, many times it is your soft skills that will open the doors for you." Moreover, it is important to successfully meet the daily challenges and to manage stress/frustration which affects adversely on productivity as well as health.

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