Nucot Reviews and Testimonials in 2019

Gokula :

Hi i am Gokula . I completed my BE in 2018 . I was searching job in Bangalore last 1 year. One day i got a call from nucot and i attended the selection process and they explained me very well about Training and training benefits. Initiallay i was confused to join.Later i joined for soft skills training. Our trainer Mallika Ma'am is very good trainer ,she always motivate us .The training helped me to improve my communication skills, interview craking skills etc.. Rashmi Ma'am directly refer me to MNC company to attend the interview and finally i selected as Network engineer .Thank you sandeep sir , Rashmi ma'am and Mallika Ma'am for your support and guidence. I strongely recommend NUCOT for freshers to join .Thank you NUCOT you made my dream come true.

Nanjunda Babu :

Hi I am Nanjunda Babu .I completed my Aviation training in Bangalore by paying 1 Lakh but I didn’t get any job. One of my friends referred me to NUCOT. I attended selection process and they explained me very well about the training as well as choosing NUCOT for soft skills, initially I was confused to join, Later I joined for the training program. Really excellent experience as well as good support from placement department. In Bangalore, Direct reference will help you to get job easily. Finally I got placed as HR Recruiter in a MNC .Thank you all NUCOT staff’s. I suggest every fresher come and join NUCOT.. Thank you NUCOT for making my dream come true.


Hi this is pruthvi and joined nucot... nucot provides excellence training. i am sure job is confirmed... i would like to thank you for rashmi madam and sandeep sir.. for the fresher i will recomend to join nucot.....


hi i am viswanath. I completed MY B.Tech in 2017 ,after that i did embedded systems training in hyderabad by paying 48500 but there is no use,to get place in industry. after i come to bangalore, to search day i got a call from nucot i attended selection process and they explained me very well about the benifits by joining to NUCOT ,BUT again money matters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. really upset to pay again???????????Initiallay i was confused to join.Later i joined for ITSM training.Really excellent expirience ,good support from placement department .In Bangalore Direct refrence will help you to get job easily.Thank you all NUCOT staff.i suggest every fresher come and visit and spend 5 minitues of time to understand the benifits of training, then take decision.Thank you NUCOT you made my dream come true.


Hi i am koteswararao i have completed my graduation in the year 2018 ,and i was searching for a job ,then one day i got a call from nucot ,then i attended for the interview and i was confuced to either join in the nucot or not ,and at last i have joined ,and undergone the training of (ITIL AND ITSM)but they guided me as their own student and reshmi mam guided and she gave me direct reference to attend the interview, finally i placed as the NETWORK ENGINEER ,thankq nucot.


I'm yogitha, I have completed my B.E in computer science engineering 2018 passed out from VTU.After engineering it 's very difficult to get a job without training and without reference. I took the right decision by joining NUCOT. I would like to suggest freshers to join NUCOT. I got good experience joining here. I got placed as a java developer. Thank you NUCOT for supporting to achieve a part of my dream.


I would like to thank Nucot for training me on ITIL and giving the chance to work as a Network Engg on ITIL. The staffs are very friendly and helpful. I got placed in Trimax.. Sandeep Sir and Rashmi Ma'am helped me a lot to get through the company.

Nucot Reviews and Testimonials in 2018

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Lohith kc:

“Hi, this is Lohith. Have finished my training with Nucot Company, training was good and it went well. The one who trained us is Antony sir, who has vast experience in teaching ITIL/ITSM. He explained each n every topic by giving day to day life examples so that it helped me to understand the concept correctly. Coming to the staff's they all are friendly especially Sandeep sir and rashmi mam"


"Training was good. Antony Sir taught us very well. Staffs are so friendly in this company. Rashmi mam always encouraged us. You all are very cooperative"

Rama Krishna Reddy:

"Nucot is a good company which supposes us to start career in the best way. Training is done very well with pleasure taught by well experienced trainer and Nucot staff’s are good and friendly"


"Hello everyone this is Vinod, I would like to share my personal experience about nucot. Nucot is trustworthy and best place to get a good career in the IT organization. Nucot is a best place for the fresh engineering graduates to understand about IT industry in a well manner before joining any organization. Nucot provides the best training on ITIL and ITSM to understand the IT industry. I can give five stars for the training provided by Nucot. You will understand each and every concept’s with day to day life examples. The trainer Antony sir is very friendly with the students and clears the doubts in an easy manner. Rashmi mam and Sandeep sir will be working hard from day one of our course to give a better career for the students and they are so friendly with the students. Nucot will be giving guidance for how to face an interview"

Munish S:

"Hi guys I’m Munish, I would like to share my experience about Nucot. Though first time heard of this institute, it was good. The trainer of the ITSM course is extremely knowledgeable and a good spokesperson. The staffs of the institute are cooperative"

Akshay G S:

"The way of teaching is good. He is explaining with a real time example so it is easy to understand. And one thing is while he teaching he uses physics and math’s for an example and instead of using that he can use the same real time example because some are good in physics and math’s but we cannot expect all so I suggest to explain with same real time example. Except that the way of teaching is perfect. Nucot staffs are Good"

Kavya K:

"l am kavya. I would like to share my feedback about Nucot. I had good learning experience at nucot in ITIL concepts. I learned how to write fresher CV which no one taught in our college days"

Krishna G.S:

"Classes are good.. teaching is excellent.. staff's are good"

Syed Nadeem Hussain:

"First and foremost I would like to thank NUCOT for selecting me as an eligible engineer to take up the training of ITIL. Coming to the training it really helped me a lot in knowing about how IT services are being carried out in an organization. Training was carried out by a professional ITIL expert Mr. Anthony, humble and a great person with extreme knowledge about IT who explained the concepts in detail in the simplest manner so that each and every individual can easily understand. Training was excellent, no doubt about it and also with the brief examples it became much easier for me to understand in depth concept of ITIL. As a fresher knowledge of ITIL will definitely help throughout my career and coming to the company NUAGE COMPUSYS PRIVATE LIMITED where I took the training of ITIL has well trained staff members with Mr. Sandeep as the head of the organization, one of the great and humble person ever met in my life also supportive throughout the training and last but not the least placement officer Ms. Rashmi who is a motivator, supportive in all the circumstances and also an optimistic person. Finally I would like to thank all the staff members of NUCOT Janavi Mam, Nida Mam also everyone who are working in NUCOT for giving me a great opportunity to learn and grow efficiently in my career"

Chetan palrecha:

"Company is well maintained and has good infrastructure. Teaching of Rashmi mam and Anthony sir is excellent. Staff people are very polite, and help in every step"


"Hi i'm Rajinikanth, I would like to share my thoughts about NUCOT, Nucot basically an excellent place for learning which gives a good ITIL/ITSM training which  is one of the required knowledge for Engineers. This ITIL/ITSM course is thought by an Expert in the IT field. Rashmi mam and Sandeep sir are always motivate the students and the staffs are very friendly"


"Hi my name is pavithra, Nucot is one good place where you get knowledge and placement opportunities. Anthony sir was very good to us and his teaching was really good Rashmi ma'am is so friendly with us and works hard to give us good job  opportunity. Sandeep Sir always clears our doubt.very supportive.  All the staff are good and friendly. I liked this place a lot."

"Hi, I am shreekrishna.  I would like to share my experience about NUCOT. One day I got a call from Nucot and they told me about ITIL/ITSM. Literally I was confused and had doubts too. After clarifying my doubts finally joined at Nucot.  Actually it was a great experience. Antony sir, who had 24 years of experience in IT industry, trained ITIL/ITSM for us. He is the best trainer I have ever seen. Sandeep sir is too good in advising students,thank you sir.  Rashmi mam,who takes care of placement activities and she is very friendly, well motivator and dedicative in placing students, thank you mam. I thank Nidha and Aditi too for your support."

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"Veracious training and placements. Placed in SLK through NUCOT. Fiduciary on institute depends on each once experience. Thank you"


"Super Experience in NUCOT. Kudos to NUCOT. Finally Dream Came True By NUCOT :)"

Mohan Kumar

"NUCOT is great place for freshers. They train, they place! What more do you need? I got placed in Groove Software solutions as a java developer….."


" I Trained with Nucot and now I am placed in YELADS NETWORKS"


"Trustworthy training and placements"


"Nucot is a  unique training institute. Its good platform for freshers to learn .I’m very glad that I was one of the trainee of NUCOT. As a fresher I found very difficult in getting job.  NUCOT helped me and now I have been placed at SLK Software. I thank NUCOT for giving me this opportunity. Training in Nucot was very good. Learnt unique concepts, strengthened my knowledge, build my confidence higher. Mentor was a awesome person....They are very supportive, gave good guidance throughout our training. I thank all staff of Nucot for their help and guidance"

Jyotirmay Bhargab

"An organization where if you get a chance to step in, you will be stepping out with your dream career"

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Venkata Ashok:

“NUCOT is very good company at each and every aspects. The lecturer Antony sir, he is really awesome we can directly inject the whole subject just by listening his lecture. As a technical student it is also important to learn ITIL or ITSM and I think it definitely helps me in Future. The Nucot staffs are very friendly and treated us like one of their family members”

Ethish Rony:

“Classes conducted were good, Anthony sir taught us well with examples to understand the concept, and he also stressed impotence of technical skills. Rashmi ma'am class gave a thought on how to prepare for an interview and how we should face it”


“Nucot company is a best place for IT freshers and Nucot is the best vision and mission for freshers career growth. Classes at Nucot were excellent and also intersting...... Faculty was friendly with everyone made classes interesting and making us to involve in the subject by giving live examples...... and when we were late to the classes Nucot staff used to call us and remind us......Nucot staff are also a very friendly set of people......”


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