Nucot Training Reviews and Placements

Nucot’s IT training division, trains fresh IT and Engineering graduates. After undergoing IT training and skill augmentation at Nucot for 45 days, their employability levels increase much to fold. A sizeable number of trainees find positions in fortune 500 IT companies.


Nucot has also a dedicated placement team headed by personnel having close to a decade's experience in Talent acquisitions, recruitment and staffing processes, help and guides the fresh graduates. Nucot can proudly say a few companies in Bangalore exclusively recruit from Nucot's trained talent pool.


Nucot has a track record of excellent placements. Nucot has better placements than most Engineering colleges in the country. Nucot recent placement details are as below, 



Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Mr. Bharadwaj had been placed in as a Junior Data Scientist

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Mr. Mahesh had been placed as a junior Deep Learning Engineer 

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Mr. Ujjwal had been placed as a Data Analyst

The course was crisp, clear, and easy to understand. It also helps to solve things on my own and I feel that for freshers the course is well-designed 

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Mr. Malla Rajesh had been placed as a Data Analyst

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Mr. Sagar Patel had been placed as a Data Analyst

Hi, I'm Sagar Patel I am happy to tell you that I had many hurdles while planning to come to Bangalore to fulfill my dreams. Your company guided me all the way and sir guided us very well. We had been helped by the trainer everywhere during the training. We have learned new techniques. We thank Sir from the bottom of our hearts. I am happy that now our selection is well done in the placement time and we try to fulfill our dreams. Thank you NUCOT.

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Ms. Chandana had been placed as a Data Analyst

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Ms. Shinjini Dutta had been placed as a Data Analyst.
The training was very good and informative. Our mentor was also very helpful and explained all doubts clearly.

Congratulations! We are extremely proud and elated that our student Ms. Aishwarya had been placed as a Data Analyst.

Congratulations Ms. Anulipsa Sahu on getting placed at SAP LABS as a Associate Software Engineer

"I had a great experience with NUCOT. They all supported me in completing my dreams. And Especially Antony Sir. He is too good. and all NUCOT members are very nice and supporting.I got jobs in SAP LABS before the completion of training. I had a great time with them and I suggest all freshers you can join here and successfully achieve your dreams.Thank you Rashmi Mam, Sandeep Sir, Antony Sir and Chandana Mam.U all helped me to enjoy my success"

Congratulations Ms. Gayathri on getting placed at  Planet Ganges as a dot net developer by Nucot

"Hi Am Gayathri. I was looking for the job nearly 7 months. At last i received a phone call from nucot Priya. Priya mam helped me more. At first i was so afraid about the job. After that rashmi mam has given us hope and good interview in industries with support of NUCOT and confident, my dream has come true. Am in the position of dot net developer, am very happy..Thank you soo much mam. NUCOT - excellent training,placements, platform for IT jobs.....wonderful teacher Antony sir...good staff....Thank you NUCOT......."

Congratulations Mr.Bharat Electrical Engineer at Trimax as an Electrical Engineer by Nucot

"Hi my name is Bharath. I was selected for selection process at Nucot, but i didn't show interest to join initially. After that my friend suggested me to join there, so i joined at NUCOT. Training started from october and the teaching staff Antony sir is a great tutor who gave training with ease with real life examples. In the middle of the training i got placed as Electrical Engineer. Thank you Rashmi ma'am, Sandeep sir, Nida ma'am, Aditi ma'am for support."

Congratulations Ms. Kavya K on getting placed at Smile Electronics by Nucot

"Hi, I am kavya k student of nucot institute. I trained in nucot for a month and within 10 days i got placed in smile electronics. I am really happy and thank you each and everyone in nucot team and a special thanks to rashmi mam. I never thought i will get job so easily in industry ..... but NUCOT reference help me a lot to get a job. Wonderful training from Antony sir......Thank you all, once again. you made my dream come true..."

Congratulations Mr. Bhanu Prakash on getting placed at SLK Software as Associate Software Engineer by Nucot

"Hi, I am Bhanu Prakash, I completed my ITIL training from NUCOT. It was a great experience with NUCOT. ITIL trainer was extremely good and he has 24 years of experience in IT industry. He is best trainer. He will focus on each candidate and bring up best engineers in industry. Placement department is very supportive and helpful in getting job. They motivated in every step. I got selected in SLK software. Thank you NUCOT"

Congratulations Mr. Ancy Thomas on getting placed at Planet Ganges as a Software Tester by Nucot

"Hi, i am Ancy Thomas, I got selected in Planet Ganges as a Software Tester. I was undergoing training at NUCOT in middle of my training i got this opportunity. The training was very nice and helpful. Antony sir, Sandeep sir and Rashmi mam played very big role to full fill my dreams.... Am so thank full to all NUCOT teams and my batch mates for their valuable support and guidance......"

Congratulations Mr. Rajesh Trimax as a Networking Operation Consultant Engineer by Nucot

"Hi i am rajesh kodali. I am from guntur. Nucot is the best company for ITSM/ITIL training and placements. Training, Infrastructure and every thing is fine and from company side they will give 100% efforts to every people to get placed. Really it is good experience to learn more things. Thank you all... i got placed as NOC engineer.."

It is an immense pleasure to inform you that, we have successfully placed 2016 graduate, Mr. Balajee M as a Network Operation Consultant by Nucot

Congratulations Mr. Sreenivas on getting placed at Trimax as a Network Operation Consultant Engineer by Nucot 

"Hi i'm sreenivas, I underwent ITSM/ITIL training at Nucot and i got placed in Trimax. Thank you NUCOT for placing me as a Network Operation Consultant Engineer at Trimax. I'm feeling so excited once again thank you Nucot for giving me this great opportunity"

Congratulations Mr. Rahul B Kattimani on getting placed as a Network Analyst by Nucot 

"Nucot is one of the good place for learning ITIL which is said to be very useful in the IT industry and Antony sir is one of the best teacher i have ever met. Thank you Nucot for placing me as a Network Analyst"

Congratulations Ms. Aradhana Kapoor, on getting placed in a core company by Nucot before the completion of training 

Congratulations Mr. Akshay Hosamani on getting placed at Trainee Software Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Srinivas M R  on getting placed as a Software developer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Kartheek on getting placed on Java technology as an Associate Consultant by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Jeevan Kumar on getting placed as a Java Developer by Nucot.

Congratulations Ms. Banditha Shaw on getting placed as a Jr. Software Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Ravikumar B.R on placed as a Network Operation Collector by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Praveen R Birada on getting placed at  SLK Software as a Trainee Software Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Ms. Harshitha C.H, on getting placed in a core company by Nucot 

Congratulations Ms. Jayashree on getting placed as a Mobile application developer by Nucot

Congratulations Mr. Rakesh R on getting placed at SLK Software as a Trainee Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Keerthan R Kotian on getting placed at SLK Software as a software engineer.


Congratulations Ms. Marial on getting placed as an IT Co-Ordinator.

Congratulations Mr. Sudarshan on getting placed  at Ujjivan Bank as an IT Officer (Software)

Congratulations Ms.Lorette Mary on getting placed as a US Recruiter by Nucot 

Congratulations Ms. Vidyashree for getting placed at Trimax IT Infrastructure Pvt Ltd as a Consultant Engineer

Congratulations Mr. Sagar K on getting placed as an SLK Software after undergoing the training at Nucot 

Congratulations Mr. Shitesh Jain on getting placed as an Android developer  

Congratulations Ms. Maria Jennifer on getting placed as a US IT Recruiter by Nucot. 

Congratulations Mr. koteswararao on getting placed as a Network Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Nanjunda Babu on getting placed as a US IT Recruiter by Nucot

Congratulations Mr. Pruthvi on getting placed as a Network Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr. Amogh Hawaldar on getting placed as an Associate Software Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Ms. Rakshita, on getting placed at  V2Soft as a PHP Developer by Nucot

Congratulations Mr. Gokula for getting placed as a  Network Engineer by Nucot.

Congratulations Mr.Shashi for getting placed as a Network Engineer by Nucot

Congratulations Mr. Krishna on getting placed at Trimax as a Consultant Engineer by Nucot.
Congratulations Mr. Theja kumar on getting placed at  WIFI Networks as a Jr. System Administrator by NUCOT
Congratulations Mr. Soheb akthar on getting placed as an Networking Engineer by NUCOT

I am Harshatsai Koppineni from the DSP 8 Batch. I want to share with you. It is really a good platform for all the students who are willing to work for a better future and a better platform. This is the best company in providing various technologies that students will definitely enjoy this environment and they will be able to work here. The mentor Yestee Antony is good and has an efficient knowledge about all the technologies which he spoke about and the main thing about the sir is that he just wants to give clarity on each and every step that makes us very confident in this training. The training period was cool and I got sufficient knowledge. It was an amazing experience we had and there are more number of steps involved in this technology and we all tried our level best in this one and eagerly waiting to join with you

NUCOT is the best platform to learn new technologies and start a career for freshers. They will give you tips on how to talk in the interview. They will be available to you at any time to clear your doubts. Rashmi mam was helpful every time on the queries you have regarding training. The training will be excellent. The training will be given by Anthony sir. HR will start from scratch with advice. No doubt I will suggest if you are interested in data science it is the right way. During training, you will learn a lot of things. At the end of the training, you will gain a lot of knowledge of data science and you can do a hands-on project on your own. The coding will be live

I am Krishna Janaswamy. I personally felt the training was very lively and the Trainer Mr. Antony was professional in teaching and has got the patience in clearing all our doubts from time to time. Overall the training went well with all the topics packed and explained from the grass-roots level. I thank You from the bottom of my heart for the support you have given throughout the course through our trainer 

This is an excellent training and placement company I have come across and the staff and mentor were very helpful. They were so polite. Overall a very informative training session. Course content got well covered and also demonstrated the concept very well. The training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. The course was practical and informative. Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. This course helped me to build confidence, Valuable experiences, and learning. Thanks for such an informative and concept-clearing training session.

I am Pamulapati Sireesha. I wanted to share my learning experience in NUCOT. Mr. Antony is a professional and disciplined trainer. Thanks to Nucot for assigning him as our instructor am also thanking HR Ms. Bhuvaneswari as she always helped with all my queries. Thank you Nucot for Good Training.

The program Data Science using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Neuro-Linguistic Programming is very useful and informative. The professor taught all the concepts clearly and that helped me very much. I am thankful to Nucot for giving me such a nice opportunity

First of all, I would like to thank Nucot for providing such a great opportunity!! Thank You. The company is very good, fully cooperative and given a lot of suggestions during the period of Joining for Training. Sir gave a lot of helpful information along with training and all topics are covered, And given lot links for study at the same time given many suggestions regarding data science fundamentals. The training was very good. Throughout the training, I didn't face any problems technically and non-technically. It was nice and learned a lot of new things apart from training.

Nucot staff are gentle and polite. Quick responder and problem solvers. Ms. Anjali and Mrs. Rashmi were updating and passing all kind of information. Thanks to them. The training was well organized and went extremely well. Really he helped us a lot to nurture our skillsets. It's worth learning time ..after my college days. I found a wonderful lecturer to train my skill sets..he had done a great job sir.. Now it's our turn.. We have to prove it.Thanks  a lot for everything

Hi, I am Sunita V Desai. The course was crisp, clear, and easy to understand. It also helps to slove things on own and I feel that for freshers the course is well designed and finally I feel like I am ready to face an interview. Good work from Nucot team

Hi, this is Sandeep reddy, Thanks for providing a mentor for training the course and clarifying the doubt. The training is good in that I have understood the concept that we have gone through till now. About the company, I can say it is good that providing the mentor to train us and for providing us the course in this typical situation. Thanks a lot

About the company: I feel very happy because I am also one of the students in this company because it's very good to improve the career.

Mentor: Anthony sir teaching is very good and I learn so many things from sir teaching and it was very helpful to us and also he really improves me a lot thank you, sir. Training: training is very good and I am satisfied with it. Thank you

The company is very good, fully cooperative and given a lot of suggestions during Joining to Training. Sir gave a lot of helpful information along with training and all topics were covered and given a lot of links to study at the same time we were given many suggestions regarding data science fundamentals. The training was very good. Throughout the training, I didn't face any problems technically and non-technically. It was nice and learned a lot of new things apart from training.

The NUCOT company is very good because their approach towards their trainees is really good and the mentor YESTEE ANTONY was very helpful and explaining all concepts in a good manner. The training was cool as the training went in a professional way and helps us to understand Data Science.​

I am keerthana E (DSP channel 8). Good Training and convenient staffs who helped me throughout the course. I would like to thank Yestee Antony Sir who gave his best in his training. I Thank Nucot team for this training and I wish Nucot team to go ahead and find the Talents

NUCOT is the best training institute and placement assistance. Special thanks to Antony sir for providing us the best training and he is an interactive person. The experience is amazing and he teaches very well and clarifying the doubts. The training  should be very good under an experienced person like Antony sir and he had explained in-depth knowledge and real-time examples. He had given more information on this field. I am so very happy with the training and thank you for the Nucot management.

Hi, I am Yenumula Akhila. First of all, I would like to thank you NUCOT for organizing the wonderful training program on Data Science with Python. I was considering different career possibilities and decided to take the opportunity. While taking this course I learned many new concepts from our mentor Yestee Antony sir. Sir explained many concepts like Statistics, Visualization, algorithms etc with examples in a way we can understand the concept. Sessions were informative and the materials that were provided were also very interesting.

Training sessions were good and the mentor has explained the concepts very well regarding Different topics and almost cleared all the doubts on several areas.

The training in Nucot was really good. We learned and gained more knowledge in python and maths. 

Hi, I am C Sowmith. I took a Training in Nucot, training is good and I would like to recommend you to join here.

Thank you so much for the beautiful session on data science training with python. Very good training institute and 'THE BEST' mentor for the data science course. No cons about a mentor and the company.

Training is Really good. Mr Yastee was the perfect trainer for the people who are new to this data science all his explanations are good and industry relevant and Nucot is a good caring Company to the people who trust them

Nucot is the best place to learn and start your career in data science and I had the best online training class experience. Antony sir and the staffs were co-operative and Antony sir was very professional and he had explained us with in-depth knowledge

Training in Nucot is good to start your career as a data scientist at a core company. Special thanks to Antony sir for his efforts to train us with his regular classes. The placement assistance provided by Nucot is very supportive.

Hi, I am Naidu, I took training in Nucot for Data Science with Python. The Training in  Nucot is top-notch and I was taught based on industrial expectation. Thanks to Trainer Antony sir for giving me an opportunity to explore this field  

Hi, I am Kumar bangareppa arashanagi, training was good and it helped me a lot because initially I dint know anything about machine learning and data science but now I can take my career towards machine learning.

The company is good. It is providing good courses. the company is very nice. courses are very useful to us in the future. Antony sir is a very good person. Whenever we are asking doubts he will clarify in a polite manner. Such a good trainee.

Congratulations Mr. Lohith K.C on getting placed at SAP LABS as a Associate Software Engineer

"Hi, I am Lohith, and I am 2016 pass out & I am from ECE background. I tried getting a job outside but I couldn't able to clear the interviews rounds. One day, I got a call from nucot and they told me about the ITIL/ITSM training and I joined there with lot of doubts which is one month of duration. By the end of training Rashmi ma’am arranged me the interview in SAP LABS with her reference and all support i got selected in SAP LABS......special thanks for Antony sir for his wonderful training and sandeep sir for make me to join and thanks for priya and shalini ma’am who supported me in all way... thanks a lot for NUCOT team......"

Training for data science was very good as the concept was clearly explained. On a whole, it was a very good training given by Nucot

The training was very good and the instructor taught us in a way that we can understand easily. I was fully satisfied with the overall training

Training in Nucot is good and the trainer taught us good

The company is very good, fully cooperative and given a lot of suggestions during Joining to Training. Sir gave a lot of helpful information along with the training and all topics were covered and given a lot of links to study at the same time we were given many suggestions regarding data science fundamentals. The training was very good. Throughout the training, I didn't face any problems technically and non-technically. It was nice and learned a lot of new things apart from training.

Thank u nucot for giving the wonderful online training. I would like to thank Anthony sir, sir's teaching was superb. I understood each and every concept easily and clearly. I got a knowledge of Data science. I will surely recommend to my friends to join this company for training.

HR's are very friendly with everyone, they give information and also very supportive. Rashmi mam is also very friendly and supportive. kalavati mam and Jayashree mam as placement team, both were very supportive and they always gave us the information when had I asked them. Thank you for the course. This training has met more than my expectations. The training was excellent with good interaction, information, and a practical course.

Great Learning Experience. It helped me understand the subject through practical knowledge.

Firstly the training was very good. I learned many things from the mentor. He teaches in a friendly environment and he made everyone confident. He encourages everyone. Really thankful to the mentor and nucot institute.

Training is good and mostly understandable. Our mentor was good and always ready to help us, and he was very eager to answer our questions. NUCOT is doing the pretty job to provide good knowledge and create job opportunities.

 Mentor was good, He encourages to ask questions and learn more. Training,Good training about basics of Data Science Concepts.

This is Jalla.Kalyan Krishna from DSP-10, Mentor Anthony sir and training is good

The company is Excellent and the training given by the trainer is very good and the training provided by NUCOT is excellent.

I am Josna Stephen. The Data Science course provided by NUCOT was really good. Yestee Antony sir is a great teacher. The classes were really clear and he guided us very perfectly. He was very patient so that we could clarify our doubts without any hesitation. Everything he taught in our training sessions is very much clear and perfect. The training was worth it.

The company is Good and doing a great job to give employment to the youth, by providing the training and placements. Sir was friendly and a good teacher and gave us the information which is required and thought his level best.

As I got to know about Nucot through online media only. The HR department was clear on convincing matters regarding the course and provided good support on queries. Antony sir is an amazing teacher. He has real in-depth knowledge about matters and his way of teaching is understandable.

Training in NUCOT is good

Training is good 

Congratulations Mr. Vaibhav Purohit on getting placed at  SAP LABS as  a Associate Software Engineer

"The best training in ITIL/ITSM that is available in the market. They've motivated me to the fullest and gave me excellent opportunities to land up in SAP LABS. I highly recommend NUCOT for all those aspiring to get a job in an IT companies. Apart from the the amazing technical training that I received here, they also gave me Motivational Training, Interview skills Training, and all other aspects that help you land up in a JOB. Moreover NUCOT is not only the places that will help you get a job but the RIGHT JOB is what they help you get. Thank you NUCOT :)"

This is Jaya Pavan Srikonda, Entire training went on well and we have learnt many different things and we have found a way where to start my career.

My experience in NUCOT is awesome. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I liked his teaching style, and he did an excellent job delivering the course. Classes are well-organized and simple to grasp.

First of all, thank you NUCOT to be part of the DSP 11 team. This session will help me and my teammates to improve knowledge and become fulfilled in this field. Our mentor Antony sir is a very good teacher. We did have a great time and good learning with Antony sir detailed explanations and his timely humour at times to bring a smile to our faces.

The training was good under the guidance of the Nucot team and our mentor. Thank you NUCOT and give us such support to us.

Nucot doing a wonderful job by considering all the feedbacks given by trainee's during training time, And their response was effective. Antony Sir covered all the topics which are listed in nucot's list and additionally he had given a good example in training so that students can understand it in a better way, my overall experience with Antony sir was awesome. The training was excellent, I had, Sir completed everything listed in nucot's list which was enough to learn the other topics selfly. Sir has given me the path to learning everything I mean my seeing I can understand what's is happening in code.

Mr Yestee Antony has been a great tutor, he has patiently explained in detail whenever anyone was asking for clarifications, he has covered the topics mentioned in the Nucot syllabus for the program. The training conducted is a subset of the overall skills required to be a data scientist, however, it gives a direction and foundation to learn more and improve the skills in this field.

This is kedargouri badatya from as a nucot trainee. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to give feedback. Nucot is a good company, during the training I received many calls from nucot to know how it is going in class. HR is very polite, cooperative and helpful, when I joined there, due to covid I didn't show any of them even their office but I joined there because when I received their first call regarding the training of data science with python, I felt their integrity and concerned about me. About my Mentor, overall experience with a mentor is good, helpful, explanatory, and very educational. About the Training, The training was very good. classes were held online and they cover all the topics for example. Classes are very understandable and very advanced because of the trainer.

Akshata Pandit here, I would like to thank NUCOT for this wonderful opportunity. The company and staff seemed very cooperative and I used to get solved with any queries that I had. Mentor was very cool and friendly and was always responsive to me. The training was also amazing with YESTEE ANTONY sir. His experience in the field and the way he taught helped me gain more knowledge. Thank you again for this opportunity

Experience in NUCOT is good. Training is very good, I got some knowledge and teaching was also good and the way of explaining everything is good.

Congratulations Ms. Chandhini on getting  placed  at  WIFI Networks Pvt Ltd. as a Junior Software Engineer

"Hi, I am chandini. I just want share my experince with NUCOT. Actually in the month of november I came to NUCOT for enquiry. But on that time I felt like, joining NUCOT is waste of time. Then in the month of january, one of the HR from BOSCH company refered me to join NUCOT. After completing one month of training from NUCOT, I got placed in a WIFI networks as a JR.SOFTWARE ENGINEER. I am very much Thankfull to Antony sir, Zakiya madam, Sandeep sir, Rashmi madam and Priya madam. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Thank you soooo much"

The training went well. All the topics were understandable. Sir, taught us in a very good and easy way. Thanks to NUCOT for providing us such a good trainer

First of all, thank you to NUCOT for supporting me. Coming to the course I did not know anything about data science, but Antony sir class was very clear to understand each and everything. Sir had helped me to solve and cleared all my doubts. Antony sir is a kind-hearted person. I am thankful to sir from bottom of my heart. And also Vanitha Mam, Kalavathi Mam, Jayalaxmi Mam and Rashmi Mam helped me in payment issue. They motivated me in a good manner. Thanks to them. 

Thank you, sir. I  Just wanted to thank you and the NUCOT Team for providing me with such a good knowledge and understanding of the subject. The worth of the knowledge that we got was far more than the course fees. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You are an awesome teacher sir

Antony sir teaching was super, we understood everything

Mentor was good. He made it pretty easy to understand the concept

The class are Easy to Understand. And the training is good and understandable. 

I heard about this company and training from Rashmi and she provided briefly about the company and I feel that this is the right place to get the training and placement in the right job. I also got to know about the company from the reviews of the people who have already placed in some reputed companies and it mainly focusses on IT background so I felt that it is suitable to me as I belong to IT Department. Yestee Antony sir's teaching is easy to understand any kind of background people and with lot of live examples and provided many links of the topics which we are having doubts. He takes care of every student in the class, teaches more patiently and in the easy way. Kalavathi and Rashmi were friendlier and more supportive to provide the guidelines to the process and set up everything in this virtual world. From the Day1 of introduction onwards the training is very attractive and the way of teaching and the speed of the trainer is very good. I understood very well about all the concepts provided by the trainer..Few session were delayed however the sir rescheduled the classes on Weekends as per our decisions and completed the course on time.

Through Antony sir's training I was able to code myself with all his explanation.

I have successfully got a position in Tata Consultancy Services in a Data Science Project while the commencement of the course. NUCOT has always been helpful to me and has always guided me in times of darkness and confusion. The knowledge of the mentor has helped me in my interview as well as the level of understanding I have got is very good. The concepts were explained with many live examples also. The experience was really very good. The training duration was a bit more than expected, but the curriculum and the course design were proper.


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