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 About NUCOT

Nucot is a professional IT Infrastructure services company based in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore. Nucot technology specializes in top-of-the-draw the training institutes in bangalore. With vast experience and hands-on expertise, Nucot has what it takes to assist companies that range from large to medium to small scale, in meeting their business objectives, development, recruitment, creative and marketing requirements. Nucot thrives on challenges. We invite you to challenge our creativity and technical skills and give us the platform to deliver something that can take center-stage right away. The IT sphere is growing at a break-neck speed and is seeing a sea of changes almost every day.  Nucot is the acronym of Nuage Compusys Technologies Private Limited. Our expertise, skills, and ideas help you capitalize on the momentum and distinguish yourself from your competition.


The Nucot Policy

Something lacking in the best IT staffing companies these days is not the ability, but the willingness to hear out the client. Managed IT infrastructure services providers portray themselves as the 'be all and end all' and refuse inputs from the client, leaving them to only approve or reject at the end. Being the best IT Infrastructure services & IT Training Institute Company, Nucot technology on the other hand, despite having the skills, creativity, and technical know-how hears the client out on a comprehensive level. After all, who would understand your requirement more than you? We take your inputs, make our notes, and seek your suggestions and approvals at varied stages of development.

The Growth Curve

Since inception, Nucot technology has grown from strength to strength, having consolidated its position and value among clients. As rapidly as we have grown, so have our areas of specialization. We have added, feather after feather to our cap. Having started close to a year ago, we have grown as the best IT Infrastructure management services company and exceeded the expectations of our clients. With a lot of effort and passion for our work, we have earned appreciation from clients and met all our growth-related objectives.

Promise Of Quality

Be assured of nothing less than the best when you choose to work with Nucot. We assure you of quality development, implementation, and deployment. Our internal quality analysis and knowledge transfer Nucot IT training sessions ensure that even the ‘newbies’ in the team scale up to the level of the best of the rest. As our clientele extend their spectrum and grow, we believe we grow through them. Of course, that is not to say that we don’t indulge in internal growth! Nucot technologies boast of a culture of continued enhancement that benefits our clients. Our commitment to producing software, create websites, market your brand or provide our talent acquisition and recruitment service of high quality is what drives us. We call upon you to allow us to prove our mettle and convince you of our skills and ability.


Meaningful Associations


Being a trustworthy IT training Institute And IT Staffing company, Nucot has a number of preferred associates whom we work with on various requirements. Our promise of turnkey solutions will never wane. If there is something that we cannot provide, we have a network of vendors who we are sure will not let you (or us) down. We take it as a personal task and ensure that the ball on your requirement is never dropped. We treat your project as our own requirement and get the required work done by one of our preferred vendors.


Why Bangalore?


Bangalore is the leading IT / ITeS location is India and offers a favorable environment with regards to IT infrastructure services. The talent-pool available in Bangalore is unmatched. More about Bangalore here.

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Our Clients

Our Precious  and Happy Clients :

Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
Nucot's Clients
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